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Summer Weekends at LaVelle!

Live music is back at LaVelle! Come out to enjoy the every weekend of the summer with music, wine, and fun!

June 2024

June 15th: Rewind & Nick's Soul Food (6-9pm)

June 16th: "Blues & Dudes" w/ The Blues Doctors & Kento's Hibachi (1-4pm)

June 22nd: Riffle w/ Teresa Cunningham, Dive for a Cure Fundraiser & Renee's Loaded Fries (6-9pm)

June 23rd: Inner Limits & Kento's Hibachi (1-4pm)

June 29th: The Blues Doctors & Renee's Loaded Fries (6-9pm)

June 30th: Local Arts & Crafts Faire (1-4pm)

July 2024

July 6th: Inner Limits & On Your Way BBQ (6-9pm)

July 7th: BrewKats & Kento's Hibachi (1-4pm)

July 13th: Rewind & Chicken Bonz Express (6-9pm)

July 14th: Dannie Rae Band & Sammitch(1-4pm)

July 20th: Riffle w/ Teresa Cunningham & On Your Way BBQ (6-9pm)

July 21st:: The Yard Dogs & Kento's Hibachi(1-4pm)

July 27th: Jerry Zybach w/ Fret Logic & MBOSQ Mexican Cuisine(6-9pm)

July 28th: Local Arts & Crafts Faire (1-4pm)

August 2024

Aug 3rd: The Yard Dogs & On Your Way BBQ (6-9pm)

Aug 4th: "National White Wine Day" ft. Scott Austin & Kento's Hibachi (1-4pm)

Aug 10th: Rewind & Chicken Bonz Express (6-9pm)

Aug 17th: Inner Limits & On Your Way BBQ(6-9pm)

Aug 18th: "Summer Island Party" ft. Riffle & Irie Jamaican Kitchen(1-4pm)

Aug 24th: The Yard Dogs & On Your Way BBQ (6-9pm)

Aug 25th: "LaVelle 30th Anniversary Party" ft. Riffle & Renee's Loaded Fries (1-4pm)

Labor Day Weekend 2024

Aug 31st: The Honey Brown Band & Kento's Hibachi


Sept 1st: Inner Limits & Kento's Hibachi (1-4pm)

Sept 2nd: Riffle & On Your Way BBQ (1-4pm)

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